Many Much Maillen

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A variety of fun and useful items for every member of the family.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Hacky Sacks/Juggling Balls/Stress Balls

The shell is made of anodized aluminium rings.  The centre is a bolt of cotton cloth.  The result is a ball of fun!  These balls can withstand considerable abuse, so feel free to use them to play hacky sack like you did in the good old days.  As juggling balls, they work quite well, albeit differently than a standard juggling ball, since the weight is on the outside.  The unique design means a different feel, and no annoying beans or sand to eventually leak out!  As a stress ball, the ring mesh provides a unique feel in the hand, stimulating pressure points in the palm.

Dice Bags

For the hard-core gamer!  Our dice bags are made of bright and anodized aluminium, some designs also incorporate aluminium scales.  The design of these bags has a flat bottom which allows them to sit up while playing.  The mouth of the bag reduces in size so there is no gaping at the top when closed, ensuring you won't lose any dice.  The weave is tight enough to be used as a carrying pouch for some of your valuables.  This is a great way to carry your cell phone and/or wallet while in character at your favourite renaissance faire without compromising the look of your outfit.

Key Chains

All of our key chains are on a large and sturdy split ring.  Hearts, flowers or wrapped dice, there's something for everyone here.