Many Much Maillen

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A combination of the fantastical and the industrial, chainmaille jewellery appeals to a broad spectrum of people from all walks of life.  The link to medieval chainmaille armour draws those who love anything medieval or from the world of fantasy.  The various metals used appeal to the more industrial mind.  The geometry and mechanics involved in creating these pieces draw those with a more mechanical bent.  Finally, the artistic process involved appeals to artists and craftspeople.

The weaves can be worn by anyone aged 5 to 105.  Children will love the super hero inspired colours of some of the full persian pieces.  Men and women alike will find a weave to suit their style, whether they prefer the industrial, chunky looks or the lighter, airier pieces.

We currently use both bright and anodized aluminium.  Stay tuned for some new additions as we investigate and experiment with other metals such as stainless steel, niobium, and sterling silver.  We're always trying out exciting new ideas for products.  So, please check back often for a greater selection as we continue to learn and grow and experiment with this fascinating, beautiful and functional art form!